About Us!

A Mobile App experience 2Here is the concept of this Mobile App project:  attract 200,000 registered subscribers, on Phase One, who will support the Shared-Profits initiative as we move to monetize this process.

The possibility of generating cash in the process is very real.  As a subscriber, you will be in the inner-circle and will benefit financially as income is generated.

This is a project that was birthed from the core vision of an NPO, Citizens of Planet Earth Inc., a registered and incorporated organization in Belize, Central America.

Our shared-concept is 30% – 70% that means 30% of every dollar will come to this NPO and the other 70% will be distributed equally among the subscribers.  All we ask for you to do in the future is to sign up as our account executive affiliate.  We will need to reach well beyond the 200,000 subscribers to attract paid advertisements.

This project will not cost you anything, except a few minutes of your time when it comes time to register as an account executive affiliate.

We look forward to your becoming a subscriber and share in our profit as we change the way life and work via the net is currently being established.

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